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Bird Trails

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Briefly about the route
7 km
1.5 h.
Route surface
100% Forest path

Bird trails are an exclusive educational hiking route to the protected area - the Tyrai bog located in the Kliošiai landscape reserve. 1 April – 31 August is a time when visits to nature reserves are limited, so the marked trails provide excellent conditions for getting to know nature around us safely, without harming the flora and fauna.

The trail starts at Dreverna small ship port, runs through the village of Dreverna, continues along the embankment to the Strykis homestead. Then, after walking along the street, you can reach the Tyrai walking path. It starts off the main road and continues along the King Wilhelm Canal, winding through an old forest, turning into a bog and reaching waterlogged floodplain meadows. At the end of the trail, a newly built observation tower will allow you to enjoy the unique views of the Curonian Lagoon and the sand dunes of the Curonian Spit.

Traveling along this signposted trail, individual tourists will have a great opportunity to visit protected areas, get to know three different ecosystems (forest, swamp and meadow) and hear the songs of birds characteristic of the seacoast. You just need to scan the QR code when you see the plate with the image of the bird. And by downloading the "BirdNET" app to your smartphone, you will not only be able to hear the birds marked on the trails, but also recognize the birds heard in the wild.

The length of the educational trail to the Tyrai bog is 14 km (both ways). The trail is for pedestrians. Suitable for the whole family. When walking along the trail, we recommend following the directional signs.

Klaipėda District Tourism Information Center recommends:

  • Listen to bird sounds with headphones.
  • Download the free bird recognition app "BirdNET" to your smartphones, which will help you better recognize the birds you hear (for Android and iOS operating systems).
  • Book an excursion with a birdwatching tour guide, ornithologist (+370 638 01820, boris.belchev@alcedowildlife.com, www.alcedowildlife.com ).
  • Go on a hike with comfortable, waterproof footwear, a head cover and a water bottle.
  • Do not make noise.
  • Protect, do not litter and respect nature - garbage and other traces of human recreation in nature do not decorate it.






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