Educational programme "Fish Trail"

Free, delicious, unique – Fish trail!

The educational-recreational programme entitled Fish Trail invites you to a unique seacoast village of Dreverna, where nature has created favourable conditions for living and fishing. Here you will become familiar with the history of fishing in the Curonian Lagoon, the fishermen‘s lifestyle and the peculiarities of shipbuilding.

In the ethnographical farmstead which belonged to shipbuilder Jonas Gižas (1867–1940), you will be greeted by Žvejytės and Pamariukai who will present a regional folklore programme entitled I Will Become a Fisherman. In the museum you will see an interactive historical exposition dedicated to Gižas‘ personality, the craft of shuipbuilding and the traditions of the seacoast region. Part of the exposition tells a story aboat the construction of sailboats of the Curonian Lagoon: you will have an opportunity to open Gižas‘ toolbox and discover the peculiaryties of shipbuilding. You will also lean as to what the olden rules of fishing were and why fishermen had to put up weathercocks on a top of their boat masts.

You will enjoy and taste a unique fish soup and some delicious fish dishes prepared for you by the people of Dreverna.

You will be accommodated with the fishermen‘s families who are successfully developing their family business. During the excursions, you will be introduced to the specifics of breeding fish in the enclosed systems, and you will also visit a mobile smokehouse and a fishmonger‘s shop.

Having refreshed yourself, you will continue on to the Small Boat Harbor of Dreverna where the fishermen will be waiting to take you out to sea. You will have a possibility of getting on board of an impresive antique Curonian boat reisekahn called Dreverna.

Duration of the programme: 4 hours.

For groups under 30 people.

Price: from 12 Eur for person

Advance registration is required.

The duration of the programme depends on the participant‘s requests.

The educational programme may be combined with the introductory-recreational excursion by boat. We also offer a full programme package: education Fish Trail programme, boat excursion (selected route), dinner (the tasting of a piscatioral culinary inheritance) and overnight accommodation.

For educational programme orders, please call +370 648 23 198.

Žvejų str. 13, Dreverna