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Educational programme "Fish Road"

Free, delicious, unique – Fish Road!

Educational program "Fish Road" (lith. "Žuvies kelias") invites you to Pamarys' settlement Dreverna, where nature has created favourable conditions for living and fishing business. With "Žvejytės" you will sing, spin in round dances, learn Prussian Lithuanians dialect. You will taste Dreverna people fish-soup, try the dessert of Lithuania Minor - "gliumzinis", (curd) cake with "kaffee". You will taste Klaipeda region's MEMEL Wine wine and sail the impressive ancient sailing boat "Dreverna" through the Curonian Lagoon.

  • Duration: 4-5 hours. 
  • Price: from EUR 39 per person.
  • For groups up to 30 people.
  • Contacts: gizo.sodyba@klaipedosrajonas.lt, +370 648 23 198
  • Boat type: ancient sailboat - cruise boat "Dreverna" or recreational boat.

The duration of the programme depends on the participant‘s requests. The educational programme may be combined with the introductory-recreational excursion by boat. We also offer a full programme package: education Fish Road programme, boat excursion (selected route), dinner (the tasting of a piscatioral culinary inheritance) and overnight accommodation.