Klaipeda District Tourism Information Center

Structure and contacts

Klaipeda district Tourism Information Centre was established on 3rd of May 2001 by municipality of the Klaipeda district. Klaipeda district Tourism Information Centre (TIC) is non-profitmaking organization, where you can get every information and services of tourism.

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The objectives of the TIC are to provide tourism information and other tourism services and to meet public interest objectives in the public interest.

Tasks of the TIC:

  •      To ensure the dissemination of tourist information about Klaipėda region.
  •      To expand the variety of tourism services, to ensure good quality tourism services that meet the established requirements.
  •      To implement active and constant tourism marketing measures in Klaipeda district.
  •      To form the image of Klaipeda district as a tourist attractive region.


Budgetary Institucion Klaipeda district Tourism Information Centre
Company code 163715766
Bank "Swedbank"
Bank code 73000
Acc.: LT66 7300 0100 0253 0180


Klaipeda district Tourism Information Centre
Kvietiniu str. 5-2,
LT-96122 Gargždai,
Tel./fax. +370 46 47 34 16
Mob. +370 620 81 901



June 1st. - August 31st.: September 1st. - Mai 31st.:
I-IV 8:00-18:00 I-IV 8:00-17:00
V 8:00-16:45 V 8:00-15:45
VI 9:00-13:00 VI-VII Closed
Without lunch break. Lunch break 12:00-12:45.

The institution does not work on public holidays, and the day before the holidays is 1 hour shorter.