Name, surname Languages  Contacts  Routes
Greta Srėbalienė Lithuanian, English, Spanish 8 676 41542 Sightseeing route “Prie rubežiaus“
Rasa Dambrauskienė Lithuanian, English, Russian 8 600 06807 Sightseeing route “Prie rubežiaus“
Ingrida Pociutė  Lithuanian, English, Russian 8 655 56313

Sightseeing route “Prie rubežiaus“

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Stasys Laučys Lithuanian, English, Russian, French 8 614 47445  Sightseeing route “Prie rubežiaus“
Diana Butkutė Lithuanian, English, Russian

8 698 49752

Lithuania, Latvia, Poland
Igoris Osnač Lithuanian, English, Russian, German 8 650 21337


Recreational and sightseeing tour "The Secrets of Catching Amber"


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