Klaipeda District Tourism Information Center


Name surname Languages Contacts Routes
Greta Srėbalienė Lithuanian, English, Spanish 8 676 41542 srebalienegreta@gmail.com Excursion around Gargždus "Prie rubežius"
Vilmantė Matutiene Lithuanian, German

8 686 25044 info@windbiketours.lt

Excursion around Gargždus "Prie rubežius"

Cycling, adventure and culinary tours in Lithuania and other Baltic countries

Rasa Dambrauskienė Lithuanian, English, Russian 8 600 06807 rasadambra@hotmail.com Excursion around Gargždus "Prie rubežius"
Živile Toliušytė Lithuanian, German 8 633 68654 z.toliusyte@gmail.com Excursion around Gargždus "Prie rubežius"
Monika Vasylienė Lithuanian, Italian, Russian 8 601 17297 monika.travel@inbox.lt

Excursion "Where Gargžda was born"

Excursion "Getting to know Gargžda St. Michael the Archangel churchyard"

Excursion "From Prussia to Lithuania"

Excursion "Jewish Gorges"

Jurgita Macienė Lithuanian, German 8 647 14334 jurgitamaciene@yahoo.de Excursion around Gargždus "Where the city was born"
Ingrid Pociutė Lithuanian, English, Russian

8 655 56313 ingrida.pociute@gmail.com

Ingrida's Tours

Excursion around Gargždus "Prie rubežius"

Thematic excursion "Trails of the Kings of Prussia"

Lithuania Latvia Estonia

Stasys Laučys Lithuanian, English, Russian, French 8 614 47445 stasyslaucys@gmail.com Excursion around Gargždus "Prie rubežius"
Diana Butkutė Lithuanian, English, Russian

8 698 49752 pdianai@gmail.com


Lithuania, Latvia, Poland
Igor Osnač Lithuanian, English, Russian, German 8 650 21337 igoris@amberguide.lt

Recreational and educational excursion "Secrets of amber capture"

Other excursions in Western Lithuania