Klaipeda District Tourism Information Center

J. Gižas ethnographic farmstead

Visit J. Gižas ethnographic  farmstead in Dreverna! Historical exposition “Jonas Gižas. Opening the shipbuilder’s toolbox...” presents Jonas Gižas's, the famous shipbuider from Dreverna, personality, Curonian Lagoon sailboats, weathervanes, everday lifes's of the coastal residents and their customs.

Here you will find the local tourism information. 

Tourism Information Centre hosts:

  • educational programme Fish Road
  • tours by an ancient Curonian boat Dreverna in Curonian Lagoon
  • activity “Weather vanes of Dreverna - painting the magnet”
  • campsite services at the shipwright J. Gižas ethnographical farmstead

Klaipėda district Tourism Information Centre branch  J. Gižas etnographic farmstead 
Žvejų str. 13,
Dreverna, Klaipėda district, Lithuania 
Mob. +370 648 23 198

Work hours:

September 1st.  -  May 31th.: June 1st. - August 31st.:
I and VII Closed I Closed
II-VI 9:00-18:00 II-VII 9:00-18:00
Lunch break 13:00-14:00. Lunch break 13:00-14:00.

 The institution does not work on public holidays and the day before the holidays is 1 hour shorter.

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