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Former Laugaliai Narrow-gauge Railway Station and Customs Building

Today, Laugaliai is a part of Gargždai. However, until World War II, this area was the border of Laugaliai village and the state. The well-preserved building ensemble is a contemporary of the former German customs office with a detention room, the final stop of the railway line Dovilai-Laugaliai, a guest house and a shop, the old stone-paved road with trees on both sides, the railway bank and the end of the Samogitian highway tract, built in the interwar period. After World War II, the building was used for a middle school. The list of its pupils includes a couple of prominent names from Gargždai and Klaipėda district: Aldona Trėja, chair of the Lithuanians of Riga and the Latvian Lithuanian community, and the academician Eduardas Vilkas. In the 1960s, after constructing the new school building (currently Minijos Progymnasium), the building was used as a student dormitory for a while. Later, it became a Children and Youth Leisure Centre.

The building, valuable from both architectural and historical perspectives, was built circa 1905-1906 at the address of Laugalių g. 6. What makes it valuable is being a significant public object of the first half of the 20th c. (a railway station since circa 1905-1906, and a customs building since 1939), located in a historically important environment – the border between Klaipėda region and the Lithuania Major. The building used to be situated between a former customs ensemble in the north (it did not survive to this day) and a former homestead of Laugaliai village inn in the east (the majority of which did survive). This building is an outstanding example of the East Prussian brick public building architecture of the late 19th-early 20th c.

The coordinates of the object: 55.7150076, 21.3786814