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Svencele Dunes Small Boat Harbor


"Is there anywhere else so beautiful that you'd like to call the Northern Sahara? A ridge of sand, formed by melting ice, sediment, harsh sea waves and winds many thousands of years ago, known as the Dead Dunes. And the lake known as Kursmari, where you can swim straight out into the Baltic Sea through a crack in the tongue of sand. Surrounded by this natural disaster, the harbour of Svencele Dunes will provide a haven for every sun- and wind-soaked visitor." - Svencele Dunes Port, located in the heart of Svencele, on the fairway between the harbour of Dreverna and Cape Ventėse. Everyone is welcome who has sailed their sailboat, motorboat or yacht and decided it is time for a break. Whether it's just for a night, a month or maybe the whole season.

Svencele Dunes harbour is still young, having opened on 1 July 2022, and has since become the real heart of the village of Svencele. The privately-owned facility welcomes its guests with the spirit of modernity and the tranquillity of the seaside. The harbour has around 80 spacious moorings for the smallest boats as well as for boats up to 11 metres long. Each boat also has access to a ramp-slide.

The 2023 season was greeted with even more improvements: a fuel station for the Inland Roads, as well as electricity and drinking water stops. By 2025, the infrastructure is expected to be supplemented with pumping stations for technical and sanitary waste water, and the main port building - the yacht club. So you can rest assured that the harbour has everything you need for an orderly berth and stay. Enjoy the tranquillity of the Curonian Lagoon, the Dead Dunes looming in the distance, the colourful kites flying in the sky, and the fresh sea breeze.