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Gerduvėnai Hillfort


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This is one of the most mysterious and least known hillforts in Klaipėda District. 

Hillfort of Gerduvėnai hides in a thick forest on the left bank of Minija River northwards from Gargždai. It is impossible to distinguish the hillfort among other similar wooded highland points without knowing its exact location, though it is visible from the hightway. The hillfort is also hard to reach - one has to turn from the highway at Vėžaičiai taking the road towards Lapių village, go down to the valley and then follow the signs.

The hillfort itself is located on the point of the left bank of Gerdauja Brook. Its slopes are steep, up to 35 m high, and therefore those willing to visit the hillfort must prepare for a decent march which will end on an oval 95x70 m large hilltop. Unlike other hillforts of Klaipėda District, here fortification traces are hardly visible and only a specialist can distinguish two diches and a rampart stretching along the southern edge of the hillfort top and remains of a defensive bulwark on the further highland also fortified with a small rampart and a ditch.

According to the local place-legend, every Sunday at noon and also at midnight an old pipe-smoker appears on the top of an ancient settlement and 500 m southwards the burial ground of 2nd-13th century. Most probably, the hillfort dates to the same period.