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Former Pėžaičiai Narrow-gauge Railway Station and Customs Buildings

Former Pėžaičiai Narrow-gauge Railway Station Building

Klaipėda had the densest narrow-gauge railway network in the whole of East Prussia. Pėžaičiai and Klaipėda were connected by a 34.8 km line, built in 1906-1944. The narrow-gauge railway station building is one of the two remaining in the modern-day Klaipėda district (the other one is in Gargždai, Laugalių g. 6). Now it is used as a residential building.  Likely, the narrow-gauge railway was supposed to activate and invigorate the goods exchange and mobility between Pėžaičiai and other settlements in Klaipėda region, but this railway also became an economic stimulus for the exchange of goods between the residents of Pėžaičiai and Lithuania Major.

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Former Pėžaičiai Customs Building

This is one of the few German customs buildings, remaining in Klaipėda region. The German customs and state border crossing point operated in Pėžaičiai up until 1919. The customs building stood 100 m from the border on the former East Prussian side, while the customs on the Russian Empire side in Aisėnai stood 60 m from the border. However, only the customs building in Pėžaičiai survived to this day. Postcards feature it as a single-storey red brick building with a gable roof. The former customs building now has a private owner, using the building for residential purposes.

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