Klaipeda District Tourism Information Center

20. Aquatic Warbler

Size: Smaller than a sparrow (L11.5‒13cm)

Life expectancy: 10‒11 years

Distribution: 50‒240 pairs

Breeding: Breeds in wet meadows with dense vegetation. The nest is close to the ground, hidden in the thicket. The nest is in the shape of a rounded bowl made of grasses, cobwebs and plant fluff, often covered with feathers. It usually hatches twice. The Aquatic Warbler usually lays 5‒6, rarely 4 eggs, which are hatched only by the female for about 12‒15 days. The female takes care of the young for about 14‒15 days. Later they leave the nest.

Appearance: Bears close resemblance to the sedge warbler, but with very prominent eyebrows and a distinctive light band across the dark top of the head. The back is striped with longitudinal light and dark stripes. Legs light without webs on toes. The chest is white with a yellowish tinge and very thin stripes across the chest and on the sides of the body. The beak is short, thin, grey.