Klaipeda District Tourism Information Center

12. Thrush Nightingale

Size: Starling-sized (L15‒16.5cm)

Life expectancy: 7‒8 years

Distribution: 60 000‒90 000 pairs

Breeding: Breeds in deciduous forests, parks, gardens and thickets along rivers. The nest is made in grass on the ground, among roots, branches and piles of leaves. The nest is bowl-shaped, made of dry leaves, grass and thin branches, not rigid. It is built by the female, lining the inside with hair, roots and herbs. They usually lay 4-6 eggs, which the female incubates for 13 days. It is interesting that when the young is born, it is fed by the male. The Thrush nightingale, the “nightingale of the East”, breeds once per season. Both members of the pair take care of the young for about 9‒12 days. The young leave the nest before they can fly.

Appearance: A very unremarkably looking bird. Brownish gray with brownish chest and dark grey bill, black eyes. Light-colored legs. It is easiest to distinguish by a song of unique beauty.