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Sun Circle Camping


Do you ever feel like running away from the bustle of the city to a peaceful shelter in the nature where you can forget the never-ending work tasks and home routine? Psychologists advise that if you want to get rid of the accumulated stress, get out of your comfort zone and experience something new. In Misgiriai you can enjoy simple nature, where the flow of time slows down, city noises turn into bird songs, pollution changes into saturated natural scents and the eye is always entertained by fascinating views. Quietly observe nature, wake up with the sun, enjoy the sunset and count the stars while laying on a cool grass. When was the last time you did all of it?


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Have you ever had a chance to live in an ecological house and experience it's benefits? "Laumės Home" is made from haystacks and clay. Together, these two materials, create a good temperature isolation which means that on a hot day, house will remain cool but in the evening, when temperature outside drops, it will release its warmth and create cosiness. On cold days house can be heated with an indoor built sauna. "Laumės Home" can accommodate 10 persons and is well adapted for families with small children.


"Family Home" is a caravan type house that accommodates 6 persons. There are two bedrooms, one with double bed and one with two single beds, a living room with a couch transforming into a double bed, well equipped kitchen, dining area, shower and WC. Outside there is a spacious terrace with outdoor furniture, children's playground, a BBQ, and a private beach with a little bridge. If needed and only agreed by the owner, you can also build a tent next to the house.


At Misgiriai there are three wooden arbours, each furnished with tables and benches, BBQ and a camp fire spot. „Numėjos“ arbour will perfectly fit a group of fisherman because there are 4 fishing sectors located just in front of it. The fans of active holidays will prefer „Kaukų“ arbour, as it is located between a sand beach, volleyball and football fields, and has a Japanese Ofuro sauna right next to it. Here fisherman can also enjoy 2 fishing sectors and a few view towers built in the trees. A third arbour is located next to "The Iron Carp" events house. There you will find a masonry stove for your BBQ, a basketball ring and swings. This place can accommodate a group of people with camper vans.


One of our most convenient camping spots is "The Sun Park". Here more than a few hundred people can comfortably place their tents around a bonfire and enjoy its warmth in the evening. Moreover you can easily connect to the water and electricity.


Here you can choose an individual spot for your own camper van or park collectively with a group of companions next to one of our wooden arbours. Everywhere, except the „Kaukų“ arbour, you can connect to the electricity and empty your sewage holding tank. There are plenty of places to visit in the surroundings of Misgiriai, so don't miss your chance to discover this part of Lithuania.

An event hall "Geležinis karpis" in this barn type building accommodates 40 persons. Here you will also find a fully equipped kitchen, a bar, a shower and WC. On the fist floor, there are three sleeping rooms with beds for 21 person. Outside the house there is a wooden arbour with a masonry stove, a table and benches. For your entertainment, next to it you will find swings and a basketball ring. The house is surrounded by a spacious territory which you can creatively use for games, dancing, lounge zones or whatever comes to your mind.  

Misgiriai campsite is located in a closed and remote area. Therefore, if you wish to rent the entire territory, you can enjoy your party till the dawn. It's a wonderful place to organise family celebrations, team building events, seminars, spiritual practices or a night stay for larger groups of travellers.


Inside "Laumės Home" there is a steam sauna that will help you to relax, improve your health, or simply warm up your body and soul. We cherish Lithuanian sauna traditions and rituals. Upon a request, we can organise short seminars and practices after which you will appreciate Lithuanian culture even more.


If you are looking for a little more exotic experience, we suggest you try Japanese sauna which is a wooden tub filled with water heated up to 40-50ºC. For Japanese, sauna is a place to meet up for a friendly conversation or even business. You will experience that nothing can be more romantic than enjoying sauna under a starry summer sky.


For our foodies, we offer multiple ways to prepare your freshly caught fish, spiced meat or vegetables. BBQ will fit a traditional taste. Smoked taste lovers will enjoy curing process. What about a soup for a starter? In a large cast iron pot you can make a soup or stew for everyone! The ones who pick an arbour next to "The Iron Carp", will enjoy dinner cooked in a masonry stove. Feel hungry already? 


Although the pond of Misgiriai is not very large, it has some magnificent spots which you can reach and see using the means of water transport. With three people you can easily fit in a boat, or you can feel like a God for a moment while walking on water using a paddle board. Legs are your stronger side? Then try a pedal boat! 


Our forest and fields are full of mushrooms, berries, flowers and herbs. From the times when Misgiriai was a largely populated village, there is a cherry tree grove that bears fruits and regale our guests. 


Don't miss your chance to observe the nature from one of the two view towers we built in trees by the pond. Bring your binoculars and you will see carps warming up in the sun, pikes hunting for dinner, ducks and swans followed by their offspring. If you stay very quiet you might be lucky to see a deer family or hardworking bevers. Lift your head up and notice how many beautiful birds we have here: cranes, storks, herons, eagles and,Lithuania's most beautiful, kingfishers. 


For restless adults and kids we have a couple of areas to play. Swings, slides, football, basketball, volleyball and even an air gun target. There is something for everyone's taste.


More than 10 years ago we planted the first trees in "The Sun Park" around a place for a large bonfire. The 7 rings represent 7 planets orbiting around the sun. Each of the rings are formed by firs and birches which create a very colourful and different mandala every season of the year. Throughout the years our creation has grown big and now it is visible even from the space.


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    Gera naujiena, jau nuo rugsėjo 1 d. Misgiriuose įrengta elektromobilių įkrovimo stotelė, tad kol Jūs poilsiausite, žvejosite ar grybausite jūsų automobilis taip pat atgaus jėgas ir saugiai parveš namo.