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Homestead "Radailių dvaras"

Rural tourism

"Radailių dvaras" started its history 15 years ago inviting visitors to pamper themselves in the sauna area.

As the visitor's confidence grows, the restaurant, based on centuries-old oaks, is not only inviting to enjoy the beautiful landscape, but also offers a taste of European cuisine that has not yet been discovered.

In order to provide guests with complete relaxation and comfort, an apartment house with up to 50 guests was built surrounded by nature.  Not long after near restaurant and the apartment in the 8 ha area appeared has settled over 50 moving and roaring dinosaurs inviting to enrich your own rest, while one of the dinosaurs has completely overturned a two-storey residential house. 


Understands Russian
Speak in English
Pets allowed
Kid's playground
Restaurant / cafe
Conference hall

Class (stars)

4 star


The elegantly furnished rooms of the hotel will create a romantic mood and will allow you to relax! The Radailiai Hotel has 14 rooms, which can accommodate up to 50 guests.

All rooms are equipped with TV, comfortable beds, a bathroom with WC and shower, hairdryer, free toiletries, electric kettle, heating. Air conditioning and fridge (except single room).

The apartments have mini-kitchens with all necessary appliances and refrigerators. Rooms with outdoor terraces have outdoor furniture - tables and chairs. Wireless internet (in the restaurant).

FREE ENTERTAINMENT  for Radailiai hotel guests you can find: Football, basketball and volleyball courts where you can organize sports competitions for your company or play with your friends.

For your relaxation in the hotel courtyard, there is an outdoor summer house with barbecue and firewood. Have your own switch or grid. Enjoy walks along the park grounds and swings. Children will have fun in the playgrounds, swings and bobsleighs at the hotel and restaurant.

Enjoy top-notch relaxation in the new Spa Radailiai, where you can enjoy a dip in the sauna, Turkish bath or bubble bath, and relax or relax in the three pools. Little ones shouldn't be sad because one of them is for kids!

Here you will find three heated pools of different sizes and depths (150 cm, 70 cm, 30 cm) for both parents and children, jacuzzi, sauna and turkish bath.

SPA treatments (various massages, face and body treatments). We can also offer special massages for children and infants.

SUMMER BALLROOM. For banquets in the warm weather up to 40 guests​. „Summer ballroom“ – bright and cosy, with a view of the nearby pond. This private hall is ideal for weddings or christenings from 25 to 40 guests. Summer hall reservations are only accepted during the warm season.

WHITE BALLROOM. For banquets up to 70 guests​. A luxurious mansion-style restaurant on the 1st floor of the Radailiu manor is perfect for celebrations, such as anniversaries, christenings, weddings or corporate parties and conferences. Bookings are accepted from 30 guests. The terrace next to this White hall will allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of the holiday.

RESTAURANT HALL. Up to 25 guests for a cosy holiday. We invite you to celebrate birthdays, christenings or other important moments in the Radailių manor restaurant space - a separate hall.

RESTAURANT UPPER HALL. „Radailių Dvaro“ upper hall is a common and public area of the restaurant. We invite you to celebrate small occasions in our restaurant.

VILLA'S HALL. We are always looking forward to your arrival at "Villa Radailiai". We are ready to make your stay unforgettable. Villa Radailiai is located on the former baths of Radailiai Manor. Completely reconstructed sauna area turned into a luxurious Vila Radailiai hall, where we can accommodate up to 40 guests and up to 70 people.

We can offer different spaces, both for larger conferences and smaller ones.

EQUIPMENT. We provide all the necessary equipment for conferences: projector, screen, microphone, conference board, computer, wireless internet.

MEAL. Professional restaurant chefs will tailor snacks, coffee and tea and delicious lunch or dinner based on your needs and preferences. When ordering meals for conference participants, the chosen hall is rented for free!

ADDITIONAL ENTERTAINMENTS. Radailiai Manor is surrounded by nature that will offer a break in the open air, and after a busy day, you can enjoy the spa area with swimming pools and sauna kicks.

In addition, we can offer additional entertainment just a hundred meters from the manor, which will make your event unique: hosting dinosaur orienteering games, educational activities and entertaining at The Inverted House, and more. We can offer separate spaces for team building activities both in the open air (on a private pond island as well as volleyball and basketball courts) and indoors.

ACCOMMODATION. Radailiai Manor will assure that you will have the quality rest. We can offer different rooms: with terraces, balconies, fireplaces or jacuzzi. We can accommodate up to 74 guests at a time.

VILLA'S HALL FOR CONFERENCES. The luxurious, as well as cosy and bright villa is further away in the territory of Radailiai Manor. With a conference in our villa, you will enjoy a private patio with soothing views of the pond and trees. In the pond is a private island that is perfect for team building tasks in the open air or any other activities. Next to the hall, there is a separate kitchenette - a relaxation area with a comfortable sitting area, ideal for coffee breaks.

WHITE HALL FOR CONFERENCES. The White Hall is located on the ground floor of the Radailiai Manor restaurant, perfect for larger conferences. Once you have chosen this hall, you can enjoy a break on the outdoor terrace.

As the visitor's confidence grows, the restaurant, based on centuries-old oaks, is not only inviting to enjoy the beautiful landscape, but also offers a taste of European cuisine that has not yet been discovered.

Near Radailiai Manor, in the 8 ha territory, you will see 52 life-size dinosaurs, which roar, move and even spray water. We also offer lots of other entertainment, such as 5D cinema, labyrinth of mirrors, electric cars, paddle boats, carousels, trampolines and many more – all that is included into a single ticket price. There are also many locations for your picnics, a pizzeria, a grill and an ice-cream shop. Thus, be ready to spend here an entire day.

We promise you unforgettable moments and wild nature among dinosaurs.

UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE. Visit this unique facility to rediscover the world around you and have an unforgettable experience!

The unique new entertainment facility and the first of its kind in Lithuania – the UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE – opened its door on 1 October 2016 in Radailiai, only 7 km from Klaipėda.

UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE RADAILIAI is a house, standing on its roof, where everything is upside down, playfully messing with your daily routine and senses.

This relaxing space is a welcoming retreat for anyone, tired of the day-to-day routine and habits, offering a new look to the need for comfort and stability.