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"Gargždų pramogos"

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“Gargždų pramogos” is an active leisure complex, distinguished by a variety of sports and water entertainment offers. This is a place for quality relaxation,  upbeat workout and fun recreation with the family, friends or colleagues. In order to make sure that every guest feels comfortable, we tailored our services to the people with disabilities and special needs.

Every weather is conducive to having fun here. During the warm days you may relish some outdoor entertainment activities: arrange a friendly basketball competition, play tennis, beach volleyball, jump on a trampoline or have a superb picnic with a barbecue. In a closed territory of the complex you’ll feel comfy yourself and safely watch over your young offspring.  

After warming up in a fresh weather or after a tough workday, indoor recuperation facilities will prove handy. Steam baths and sauna will refresh the body and soul, heated swimming pool will help to relax, and the wonder-working hands of a professional masseuse will elevate you to the hights of bliss. When the frost is raging outside or if the outdoor sports are not enough, you may loosen up your muscles at the indoor fitness facility.      

Leisure complex “Gargždų pramogos” offers not only a varied entertainment infrastructure but provides event organization services as well. If you need to organize a recreational or business event but feel short of ideas or simply don’t want to bother your head with organizational tasks, you may rely on our staff. Professional and resourceful personnel will take care of everything. At your request, we’ll arrange an unforgettable birthday party, anniversary celebration, luxurious wedding, solemn company jubilee, solid conference or children’s feast. All necessary audio and video equipment required will be supplied. And when a busy day is over, you and your guests are invited to spend a night here in cosy hotel type restrooms, installed on the second floor.       


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These are hotel type rooms with amenities, arranged on the second floor of the leisure centure. You‘ll be pleasantly surprised by an original and cozy interior of the rooms. There you may have a good rest after strenuous physical exercise, roost together with your guests or celebrate an intimate feast with your sweetheart.   

Swimming pool is 11 meters of length, 4 meters of width, and 1 to 1,40 meters of depth. Swimming pool quarters were installed following the highest international standards. Heating floors remind of warm sand of a Southern beach, and a perfect ventilation & conditioning system helps create an extra comfy microclimate. Cutting edge water cleaning technologies – carbon filter and UV rays – ensure a special cleanliness and protect against the odour of chlorine.    

If you can't tolerate high temperature but are willing to savour the pleasures of a bathhouse, the Turkish bath will suit you well. In contrast to sauna, it's not very hot (46°C) but the level of humidity here reaches up to 100 percent. Such climate induces perspiration but doesn't unbalance the organism because of heat. The microclimate of steam bath is particularly beneficial for those suffering from respiratory dideases but generally useful for everybody. 

The device is applied from a distance of 3.0-3.5 m. It uses a pressure of 2-3 atmospheres. The water is at a temperature of 35°–36°C. All body parts are being massaged, except the head. Zones with a larger aggregation of fat and muscles, as well as joints receive more attention. Procedures improve the general condition of the organism, activate microcirculation and metabolism, strengthen the immune system, help get rid of the cellulite and excess weight.   

Russian banya is a variety of a steam bath. However, steam temperature here is higher than that of the traditional Turkish bath and reaches 80-90°C. In such heat the body exudes a lot of moisture. For example, the average person may lose up to 400 or 500 ml of water. During intense perspiration the activation of metabolism and profound detoxication of organism takes place. The result is an enhanced sense of well-being, mitigated pain, increased buoyancy and better looking skin. Not to mention pleasant sensations, deep relaxation and great state of mind!   

Circular currents intensely massage the muscles, and the silky soft water spray gently caressess the body. Jacuzzi helps recuperate after intense physical labour, mitigate the after-effects of muscle crick and other traumas. „Bubble therapy“ also has a beneficial effect to the psyche: helps eliminate the tension, balance the emotional state and calm the mind.