Klaipeda District Tourism Information Center

15. Eurasian Jay

Size: Pigeon-sized (L32‒35cm)

Life expectancy: 15‒17 years

Distribution: 50 000‒80 000 pairs

Breeding: Breeds in deciduous or coniferous forests, sometimes in parks, gardens, rarely in hedgerows. The nest is usually made higher than 1.5 m, near the trunk or on a branch. A bowl-shaped nest woven from branches and plant stems, lined with roots and bristles. Both partners are involved in building their nest. The Eurasian Jay hatches once a year, after 5-7, less often after 3-10 eggs. Only the female incubates for 16‒17 days, but both parents feed. The young fledge after 19‒20 days.

Appearance: Light brown with a black tail, it has a white tip on the top of the tail. The distinguishing feature is a black moustache, a white forehead with longitudinal stripes and pink legs. The blue and white spots on the wings are the most decorative.