Klaipeda District Tourism Information Center

5. Yellowhammer

Size: Sparrow-sized (L15.5‒17cm)

Life expectancy: 10‒13 years

Distribution: 300 000‒400 000 pairs

Breeding: Breeds on the ground, in open landscape forests, scrub, arable land and heathland. A bowl-shaped nest made of grasses, plant stems and moss, lined with hair and small herbs. Only the female is engaged in construction. The yellowhammer lays 3‒5, sometimes 2‒6 eggs. The female incubates the eggs for about 11‒14 days. After the birth of offspring, both the female and male engage in feeding. Fledglings leave the nest after 9‒14 days, and after 16 days they begin to fly well.

Appearance: A bright yellow head, grey triangular beak, under-tail and tail are bright brown, legs light pink. A long tail with a shallow cut at the end. The bird has black eyes. Females are very similar to males, only with more striped bodies and the yellow is not that bright.