Klaipeda District Tourism Information Center

North American Indian Village "Vinetu kaimas"


“Vinetu village” is the authentic North America’s Indian village – live Native American museum, established in the valley of vivid Akmena-Danė river, near Klaipėda. You will travel back to the wild west of North America, where Native Americans of the Great Plains were living. Mysterious totemic columns and TIPI music heard in the wigwams, are going to reveal the wisdom of Native Americans and Great Spirit’s mystery.

The leader Vinetu will meet and invite you to the ceremony tent TIPI, where you will learn about the rich, vivid, and full of various legends, culture and history of the Native Americans. During the ritual you will get familiar with their manners, wisdom of life, shamanism meaning, respect and love to everything what’s alive – Mother Earth, Father Heaven, nature, creatures, flora and everything surround us.

In the “Vinetu village” which is established in the live Native American history museum you will see the real Native American tents and museum exposition which was collected in years – various artefacts, handicrafts, home items, warfare and hunting tools, trophies and you will learn how they were used. Furthermore, you will see jewelry and artworks, clothing and accessory details, amulets, musical instruments, photographs, paintings, various books and other ethnographical items of Native Americans.