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Agluonėnai Park


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The most attractive place for tourists is Agluonėnai Park, which is rich in oaks perpetuating the history of Lithuania and Lithuania Minor. Prussian - Lithuanians’ oak forest was established here and a monument consisting of an arch and an oak leaf-shaped wooden burial monument (lith. Krikštas) was erected here to commemorate the residents – Prussian-Lithuanians (lith. Lietuvininkai) - of Lithuania Minor (authors J. Čepas and artists of Klaipėda region). What is more, wooden burial monuments (lith. Krikštai) were created to commemorate the most prominent public figures of Lithuania Minor: K. Donelaitis, M. Mažvydas, L. Rėza, Vydūnas, I. Simonaitytė, I. Kantas’ great-grandfather – R. Kantas.