Human Settlements

Agluonėnai is situated on the bank of the Agluona stream. Agluonėnai was first mentioned in 1540, in the tax book of Klaipėda district residents. Lietuvininkai oak wood was planted and the altar-monument of Pillars of Gediminaičiai (sculptor J.Mickevičius) was erected on the bank of the Agluona streamlet in 1989. The monument is intended to commemorate Lithuanian national rebirth and 450th anniversary of Agluonėnai settlement. 

Vanagai is historically significant settlement of Klaipėda district. I. Simonaitytė, the classic of the Lithuanian literature, was born there. Vanagai village is adorned by the Evangelic Lutheran single-nave stonework church of Neo-Gothic style. By the church, there is an old cemetery, where famous public men of Lithuania Minor were buried.