Klaipeda District Tourism Information Center

11. Common Chaffinch

Size: Sparrow-sized (L14‒16 cm)

Life expectancy: 15‒16 years

Distribution: 1 200 000‒2 000 000 pairs

Breeding: Nests in forest, trees or bushes. The nest looks like a bowl of roots, feathers, moss and lichen. It is reinforced with cobwebs and decorated with bristles and pieces of bark. The nest is built by the female with the help of the male. The Common Chaffinch breeds once or twice a season. Lays 4‒5, sometimes 2‒8 eggs. Only the female incubates the eggs in 10-16 days, but both parents take care of the young. The chicks fledge after 11‒18 days (usually 14 days).

Appearance: Male and female are different. Both have two broad white bands on their wings. The male is reddish-brown with a bluish-grey head, flesh-colored cheeks, and a brown back. The female is grey-brown with a yellowish tinge.