Walking Routes


Ecological cognitive footpath „Litorina“

Places: Dutchmans Cap Landscape Reserve, Seaside Regional Park.

Distance: ~ 2 km

Duration: ~ 2 hours

Route description:  a steep ancient seacoast slope of Litorina goes eastwards and northwards from the Olando Cap which was formed 5-7 thousand years ago. The relative height of this ancient slope (from the sea terrace at the bottom till moraine crest at the top) is 8-21m. Springy ravines with short fast flowing rivulets formed here. At the end of the 19th century when greenery planting works were undertaken in Giruliai Seaside a footpath for Klaipėda City dwellers was formed in these picturesque surroundings. The path is accordingly marked and has information boards; there are impressive watching sites with summerhouses at the top o the slope.
Route attractions:  alleys of simple hornbeams and beeches, European firs, Siberian larch, red oak, sycamores, the Dutchmans Cap.

Sightseeing route “Prie rubežiaus“

Route places: Gargždai bus station – Promenade - Municipality Square – Gargždai Park – Gargždai Town stadium

Distance: 1,5 km

Duration: 2 hours

If you choose the hiking path „Prie Rubežiaus“ you will not only learn the history of Gargždai, but you will also visit the most historically significant and the most beautiful places of the town. There are 3 stands which contain interesting facts about Gargždai, historical visual materials and pictures. Every stand is numerated and has a fragment of Gargžai map, which clearly shows where the next stand is. Therefore, everybody is able to follow the route on their own or with a guide.

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