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Distance: ~ 93 km

Duration: 1 day 

Destinations: Gargzdai – Vezaiciai –Ablinga – Endriejavas – Judrenai – Balsenai – Veivirzenai – Vyskupiskiai – Broziai – Gargzdai

This is a cognitive route across “Samogitian” part of Klaipėda district, during which you will get acquainted with objects of cultural heritage characteristic for the region, as well as enjoy fascinating scenery.

Distance: ~ 98 km

Duration: 1 day

Destinations:  Gargzdai – Skomantai – Vanagai – Agluonenai – Priekule – Lankupiai – Svencele – Dreverna – Butkai – Kisiniai – Dovilai – Gargzdai

If you choose this route, you will get acquainted with remaining cultural heritage of Lithuania Minor. This is a distinctive part of the district, whose singularity you will see while travelling. 

Distance: ~ 60 km

Duration: 1 day

Destinations: Gargzdai-Kretingalr-Karkle-Gargzdai

Following this route you will visit Kretingalė town and continue your journey in the picturesque Seaside Regional Park along the Baltic Sea. 

Distance: ~ 64 km

Duration: 4 hours

Destinations: Gargždai-Vanagai –Agluonėnai-Kisiniai-Dovilai-Gargždai

This route takes a traveler to the sites, which represent minor Lithuanian’s life: homestead, church, cemetery and surrounding in which this culture existed.

Distance:  ~ 180 km

Duration:  8 hours

Destinations: Gargzdai – Vezaiciai – Ablinga - Endriejavas – Judrenai – Veivirzenai – Agluonenai – Vanagai–(Vilkyciai–Saugos–Sakuciai)–Lankupiai–Svencele–Dreverna–Priekule–Sernai–Baiciai–Maciuiciai–Gargzdai
“Lamata ring“ route allows to get acquainted with the most picturesque values of nature and culture that are in the historic Lamata land. According to the choice of travelers, the route could be shortened by refusing Vilkyčiai–Saugos–Sakūčiai ring which is outside the region. 

Distance: ~ 90 km

Duration: 7 hours

Destinations: Gargzdai – Dovilai – Jakai – Ginduliai–Radailiai –Paupuliai – Kretingale – Kalnuvenai – Darguziai – Karkle –Giruliai –Melnrage– Paupiai – Ginduliai – Dovilai – Gargzdai

This route is intended to get acquainted with the most picturesque values of nature and culture that are in the land of historical Pilsotas land, as well as Seaside Regional Park. Alternative drive into the ring through Plikiai is provided.


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