Klaipeda District Tourism Information Center

Bicycle route: Gargždai–Maciuičiai–Šiūpariai–Pėžaičiai– Veiviržėnai–Judrėnai–Endriejavas–Žadeikiai– Vėžaičiai–Gargždai

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Briefly about the route
77 km
5.5 h.
Route surface
60% Asphalt
40% Dirt road

The route covers towns and villages of Klaipėda district, which are rich of both cultural heritage and nature tourism objects. This route follows intense car traffic.


  • Kalniškė Mound in Gargždai,
  • Veiviržėnai St. Apostile Mattew’s Church,
  • St. Mary Virgin’s Lourdes in Veiviržėnai,
  • St. Antanas Paduvietis Church in Judrėnai,
  • Homeland-Museum of Aviator S. Darius in Judrėnai,
  • Kapstatas Lake in Endriejavas,
  • Ablinga Memorial,
  • Žvaginiai Mound,
  • Former Vėžaičiai Manor.



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