Welcome to Klaipėda district - the land of four waters!

Cozy cities and towns, villages in natural sanctuaries, visually delightful landscapes that inspire imagination, millennial  history of the land of minor Lithuanians and Samogitians, culture preserved down the ages, enshrined traditions, warm and friendly people... All of this and more spectacular and interesting things you will discover in Klaipėda district, in the land that is washed by the waves of the Baltic sea and the Curonian Lagoon, where the torrential Minija River winds, and the green face of the District is brightened with the eyes of blue lakes and lakelets.
You will easily know this land of four waters by travelling across vicinities, having holidays in countryside tourism farmsteads. People of this land take pride in their history, traditions and beautiful nature. We would like to share this feeling with you, dear guests of Klaipėda district.


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